EP Review: Merciless Scum – “The Meek Inherit Nothing”

Tampa, Florida needs no introduction with its rich history in the extreme metal scene. Often remembered as the death metal capital of the world throughout the 90s, Tampa has always had some form of an extreme metal scene clear to present day. Today’s heavy metal scene is still active to with many bands continuing to emerge onto the scene. One of the latest to cause quite the stir in central Florida is Tampa’s Grindcore outfit Merciless Scum. Taking influences from bands such as Rotten Sound, Nasum, Napalm Death, and more, Merciless Scum quickly gained the attention of many. Throughout the many shows the group performed throughout 2017, Merciless Scum fans have been waiting patiently for a recorded release. Merciless Scum’s anticipated “The Meek Inherit Nothing,” successfully showcases the four-piece band for exactly what they are: utter chaos, abrasive noise, and grinding brutality. Continue reading

EP Review: FELICITY- Brace Yourself!


Hailing from Orlando, FL, FELICITY are an alternative / hard rock band with pop punk vibes mixed throughout their catchy songs. Fronted by their vocalist Damien, FELICITY includes Andrew and Cory on guitar and Mike on bass. At the moment, they don’t have a full time drummer. Their four track EP, titled Brace Yourself! was released at the end of last month, and their obvious talent pours out of every song on this four track EP which you can listen to right here. Read more after the jump!

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