END (members of Counterparts + Fit For An Autopsy) release teaser video for new music due out March 26th

If you’re in the mood for violent, destructive music, END is the band for you. The hardcore/metal supergroup of sorts includes Brendan Murphy of Counterparts and Will Putney of Fit For An Autopsy among its members, and their 2017 debut EP From The Unforgiving Arms Of God was a veritable masterclass in combining various styles of metal, hardcore, grind, and more into a 6-song EP.

Now, the band is gearing up for the release of new music on Thursday with a new teaser released earlier today. You can probably expect it to be just as violent and ferocious as their previous work. Listen and thank us later.

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Issues Official Tour Setlist Announced

As was recently announced, Issues is going to be on tour with Falling In Reverse, Motionless In White, DangerKids, and Dead Girls Academy. This all commences tomorrow; although vocalist Tyler Carter has jumped the gun and posted their official tour setlist via Twitter. The theme and overall appearance is quite entertaining. Let’s take a look into their treasure chest of surprises.

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