South Korean metalcore band End These Days reach their “Dead End” on ferocious new single (Premiere)

It’s been 3 years since South Korean metalcore upstarts End These Days have released a new album, but luckily for you – especially if you’re a little late on the band’s hype train – the band has a new song out. The single, “Dead End”, is one of three songs you’ll be able to find on the band’s upcoming EP of the same name, which drops June 22nd. We’re also stoked to be premiering the title track alongside Dreambound, and needless to say, we think you’ll like what this young metalcore band is doing.

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South Korean metalcore upstarts End These Days release new video for “Misty”

If you’re into modern hardcore and/or metalcore at all, you likely know that talented bands in those genres can be found just about anywhere where music is alive. Asia – especially Japan, China, and Vietnam – have put out some impressive and notable talent as of late. Whether it’s the metalcore stylings of Japan’s Crystal Lake or the impressive pop-influenced, progressive-leaning metalcore of Vietnam’s Windrunner, there is clearly an untapped scene across the globe that will certainly increase in popularity rather soon.

We’re pretty convinced South Korea’s End These Days might well become one of your favorite bands, too – especially after hearing their song “Misty”. A new video for the song, which also features Ki (of long-running band The Geeks), is a great introduction to this up-and-coming metalcore hybrid. While the band’s most recent, debut album Ambivalence dropped in 2017, the band is gearing up for a huge 2020 with new music on the horizon.

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