Exclusive Premiere: Keeper’s New Single “Spiral” Is An Alternative Rock Anthem


Somewhere at the intersection of Balance and Composure, Quicksand, and Movements lies the sound of Oklahoma City’s rising alternative rock band, Keeper. Their new single, “Spiral”, reminds me both of some of my favorite emo albums growing up (Sunny Day Real Estate and Texas Is The Reason come to mind), but also more punchy bands with guitar riffs closer to post-hardcore, like Samiam and Quicksand. A slow burner to be sure, but ultimately that will keep you coming back to the track again and again.

We’re stoked to be exclusively premiering the new track, which you can find below. The band is also a fairly recent signee to Famined Records (home of The Afterimage, Our Souls Evolve), and working with Keeper could prove to be their biggest signing yet.

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