MiltonJ and The Leftovers “Sun” Lyric Video & ‘Vain Wisdom’ LP

Alternative Rock/Hip-Hop Quintet MiltonJ and The Leftovers have released their newest LP, Vain Wisdom along with their tender lyric video for the poignant single “Sun”.

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Milton J and The Leftovers Release Debut Video, “Killing Dreams”, Off of Upcoming ‘Vain Wisdom’ LP


Alternative Rock/Hip-Hop Quintet Milton J and The Leftovers have released the debut video for “Killing Dreams” off of their upcoming Vain Wisdom album. “Killing Dreams” combines the compositional depth of a fully rounded instrumental orchastration with sharp, provocatively subversive lyrics.

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White Rappers: America’s New Minstrels

al eminem

For many citizens of the United States, the idea of a “post-racial” America, one in which the horrifying transgressions of the past have been learned from and left behind, is a rather comforting one. To think that the nation has progressed so far – to a point where race no longer matters, to a place where racial minorities are no longer discriminated against systematically or institutionally – is more than a little uplifting. It is an idea that absolves white Americans of their history of oppression, for, in a post-racial America, none of that matters, right? None of that matters when the society and the majority no longer oppresses minority groups on a large, cultural scale.

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