Emarosa embrace stylistic change with new single, “Givin’ Up”

Emarosa have released a new single “Givin’ Up”, via Hopeless Records. The new song and music video signal a huge change for the previously labeled post-hardcore band. Over time, the band has been moving further and further from their original sound, and the new song signifies that sound is gone, but that doesn’t mean the band is. Vocally the song is just what you expect from Bradley Walden, but instrumentally it’s a whole new sound. With the introduction of killer sax solos and an overall 80’s music video vibe the band is pop bound, which isn’t a shock as some of Walden’s main influences include Michael Jackson and Prince. The band have posted on media platforms that their new album will blow their previous release, 131, into the water. With the release of Givin’ Up fans are at the edge of their seats waiting for what’s to come. This is a song with huge crossover potential.

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Hands Like Houses release 4th album -Anon + kick off upcoming fall tour

Hands Like Houses have released their fourth full studio album -Anon via Hopeless Records. Containing some of the band’s biggest singles to date, it’s their first new record since 2016’s coming out party, Dissonants. The new album is being supported by a two month US tour with support from Emarosa, Devour The Day, and The Faim.

The album is currently available on all platforms for purchase and streaming.

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North Carolina rock band Glow releases new EP, “Cherish You”

North Carolina melodic rock band Glow are certainly a band on the rise. The band’s debut EP, Cherish You, just dropped today – and the band has also released a new video for their song “Emily Rose”, which is about vocalist Ryan Mitchell’s sister. Needless to say, it’s probably the emotional centerpiece of Cherish You. Debut single “Patterns” notably featured Emarosa’s Bradley Walden, and the single also has racked up 10,000 Spotify plays in barely a month. In other words, impressive stuff for such a young band.

You can stream the video and the entire EP below, and while the band may be young and fresh, it’s fairly clear that Glow are on their way to a bright future. The present, though, is pretty nice as well.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Vox Vocis deliver a progressive journey on “Star Meissa”

Houston-based progressive post-hardcore band Vox Vocis are no strangers to change. The group made a splash in their local scene in 2016 with their debut full-length In the Arms of the Sun, which drew from well-known prog acts like Coheed and Cambria and Closure in Moscow to create a dynamic, densely layered musical journey. Now, two years on from that album’s release, the band expands their reach and broadens their musical vision with the release of Star Meissa, one of the finest albums the genre has produced this year.

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