Interview: If I Were You

Post-hardcore has had some fantastic releases during 2018, but before you make your end of year lists, you definitely need to hear If I Were You’s newest album “Inner Signals”. Ever since forming in 2011, the Poughkeepsie native band has been consistently putting out quality material, and with this being their fifth overall release the band decides to try some new things while sticking to their own unique take of post-hardcore. Recently I had the chance to talk with drummer/vocalist Randy Pasquarella about a number of topics including who their biggest influences are, favorite touring memories, and what they feel separates them from other bands in the genre, along with a bunch of other topics. If I Were You just dropped ”Inner Signals” today, December 18th, so if you like what you hear be sure to support the guys by giving them a like on Facebook and purchasing the album via iTunesBandcamp, or merch!

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Spring Awakening Festival Releases Phase One Of Lineup Featuring Deadmau5 And Steve Aoki

Chicago’s very own EDM / Electronic festival Spring Awakening has announced Phase One of its lineup for the festival taking place in June this year. Check out more information on the lineup below.

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Top 10 Albums of 2016 (So Far)

With the advent of internet hosting and streaming sites, anyone can now make and distribute their music for the world to hear, and as a result, the web is bombarded everyday with hardworking, creative musicians trying to get their works listened to. It’s easy, therefore, to miss a lot of what’s being put out there, and it can be difficult to wade through the releases that, frankly, aren’t so mind blowing.
In simplest terms, this article aims to answer the question “what have I been missing?” The new year is young, and yet, there are quite a few releases that deserve attention, ten of which will be discussed here.
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Hello Phones Release Video for “Streetwave”

With Hello Phones’ newest video, the contrast between the romantic and the real is clearly drawn, and, as is becoming more and more popular, the potential for beauty is found in everyday urban society.

The single itself, set to be released on their upcoming EP Tripping the Light this February, sees Hello Phones remaining, in many ways, true to form while still pushing their sound forward. The track is as hip and danceable as any they’ve released prior, and yet, the focus has changed. Any semblance of guitar or rock influence has vanished, replaced instead by airy synths and lush, dreamy vocals that are liberally soaked in reverb.

The result is a single that is at once catchy, stylish, and hypnotic. It is as much mood music as it is a dance track, with a video that embodies the sound: the city, and its nightlife, is, in itself, living art.

-Andrew Oliver