PlggdN Episode 5: Eidola – “To Speak, To Listen” Track-by-Track

On this special episode of PlggdN,¬†Alex and Trystan sit down with Andrew Wells of Eidola for an in-depth discussion of the band’s new album “To Speak, To Listen”. Andrew discusses the album’s overarching concept, musical influences, personal stories, and the band’s creative process.

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10 June Album Releases You Need To Be Hyped For

With 2017 already almost halfway in the books, and some really good releases by Full Of Hell, Our Hollow Our Home, and No Omega out, there’s plenty of new music to get hooked on. These bands have been tearing up their respective scenes, but there’s also a number of releases coming out the rest of the year that fans of any music will want to keep an eye on.

June in particular is a shockingly good month for music. The following releases are ones you’ll want to consider picking up, and this isn’t even including releases from All Time Low, Rise Against, and Obey The Brave.

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