Japanese progressive metalcore band Earthists. leave Tragic Hero Records, premiere new song “Suicidal Temple”

Having released 2 full-length albums in their relatively short time as a band, prog-metalcore band Earthists. are fast making a name for themselves. The Japanese outfit have already snagged an audience that’s global, and while it’s easy to pigeonhole the band with their like-minded peers in The Afterimage (RIP) and Erra, the band have a sound that’s both infectious and heavy.

Luckily for prog-metalcore fans, the band has released a new song, “Suicidal Temple”. Unfortunately, this news doesn’t come under the best of circumstances. While the band’s two previous full-length albums were both released on Tragic Hero Records (in 2017 and 2018), the band is now an independent entity.

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Interview with Japanese metalcore band Earthists.

With their new release, “LIFEBINDER” set to release on August 17th, Tokyo based Earthists. are going to take the scene by storm with their unique blend of metalcore. Classifying themselves as “naturecore”, the lyrics focusing on nature in general, the band is sure to please metalcore and djent  enthusiasts with eleven songs of pure awesomeness. I had the opportunity to chat with the band on a multitude of topics which you can read below, which includes writing lyrics in a foreign language, some influences, and even why they formed a band in the first place. To support the guys in Earthists. give them a like on Facebook, preorder the album/merch from MerchNow or on iTunes!

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