Interview: Nick Mason the “Living Dead Drummer”

Nick Mason AKA The Living Dead Drummer is a true professional when it comes to his craft of percussion.  He has performed on more albums than he can remember, numerous singles and several movie soundtracks, he has also appeared in many music videos, orchestrated drum clinics and co-hosted an international music TV show. Nick is also currently the Sr. Drum Instructor and Show Director for School Of Rock. Get to know him a little better below.

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The Inspiring Story of One-Armed Drummer Jack Thomas (Covers Suicide Silence)

Meet Jack Thomas, he’s an 18-year-old self-taught drummer & bassist who tragically lost his arm in a workplace accident on September 4th 2015.


“Music is my life, there’s not a damn thing that will stop me from pursuing my dream & passion”

Just 11 days after losing his arm, he began re-learning how to drum as a one-armed drummer. He began covering simple songs from bands such as Blink-182, but is now covering more advanced tracks from bands such as Suicide Silence (Video Below).

Jack covering Suicide Silence’s track “No Pity For A Coward”


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