25 Incredible Guitar Albums You’ve Been Sleeping On

If there’s one instrument that has cemented itself as the cornerstone of modern popular music, it’s the guitar. Beethoven once said “The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself,” and now, with the discovery of electricity and the invention of numerous diversifying effects, this statement rings truer than ever.

In this list are 25 albums that the feature the guitar in some way that that exemplifies it’s place in a given band or ensemble, whether to create atmosphere and texture, compliment the other musicians, or stand alone as a solo instrument – you’ll find albums on this list that cover a wide range of styles and genres that the guitar calls home. For fans of the guitar and guitar-oriented music, of which there are undoubtedly many, this list may help in discovering some truly remarkable gems that have, perhaps, been elusive and under the radar up until now.

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The Best Metal Albums of 2014 (so far)



We are about halfway through the year of 2014 already and some astounding music has come out across all genres. Heavy metal is no exception with constant releases coming out from every side of its variety of subgenres from death metal to doom to experimental and everything in between. So what are the best metal releases so far in the year of 2014? Continue reading

Band Of The Week: Lord Mantis

lordmantis2009 saw the birth of Chicago’s Lord Mantis with their debut record, Spawning the Nephilim, and they have proceeded to rise from the depths in the next five years, spreading their filth virally with every set of speakers they embrace. Throughout the years, they have displayed a very unique sound that melds the doomiest, most skull-crushing aspects of sludge metal with the atmosphere and intensity found in black metal.


Their malicious and offensive lyrics are coupled with their noisy and stomach-churning sound, which makes for some very inaccessible, yet almost euphoric, music. Their latest record, Death Mask, easily demonstrates Lord Mantis at their most primal and visceral, even as they continue to bend genres and push the envelope.
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Honest Album Art: A Facebook Page Guaranteed to Make Metal Fans Laugh


A rapidly growing Facebook page is making metalheads die from laughter. The page titled “Honest Album Art” takes the album art of a particular album and slightly alters the logo or title in some way that represents a common opinion of the album whether it deals with the lyrics throughout the album, the album’s sound, etc. It is all fun and games here so don’t take it too seriously and have a good laugh! See some of my favorites posted so far here.

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