Graphic Nature: Examining the utter brilliance of Deftones’ “Koi No Yokan”

When examining the powerful collection of albums that alternative metal veterans Deftones have created in their 20+ year career, it’s important to note that the general consensus is that it’s “White Pony, and then everything else”. This isn’t an unfounded or brazen statement – it’s well known that 2000’s White Pony changed the nu-metal/alt-metal landscape and completely flipped it on its head.

What, then, of the band’s other albums? You know you’re dealing with a truly special band when 2016’s Gore was a relative disappointment critically, but even that’s an album that many bands in the genre would give a limb or two to make. 2012’s Koi No Yokan, though, is a powerful and pulsing alt-metal masterpiece that reigns in the band’s post-metal and shoegaze influences, and distills them into an album that should be considered a near-flawless classic.

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