Deathcore band S/CK release animated music video for their new song “Plague”

2020 has been absolutely wild for humanity, but the music release keep coming and we welcome them with open arms. S/CK is a up and coming slamming deathcore band that surfaced in late 2019 with their song “Point of Impact” which was met with pretty good reception. S/CK has geared up to released their new song Plague with quite a visually pleasing music video. The video is a fully animated music video telling the story of the song, which is a straight up apocalyptic hellscape. Plague is a lyrically partly inspired by the popular anime Tokyo Ghoul, and according to the band was written before Covid-19 was even a thing. The video was created by Motus Insaniam and with much appraise. S/CK is currently wrapping up their debut album “Transcendence Through Suffering” which is slated for a 2020 release via Legend Recordings. Give the new video a spin below.

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New England deathcore band The Last King release new song “Nescience” – listen!

The Last King is an up and coming technical deathcore band coming from the depths of New England. The band released their first EP in 2018 titled “II”. The quintet marked the next chapter of their musical careers with the release of their pulverizing new song “Nescience”. The new song captivates The Last King’s drive to further push their sound forward in a creative, unique way. Nescience features Michael Alvarez of Alterbeast and Flub. The addition of Michael’s vocals has further complimented the overall track, which stands pretty tall already. The Last King overall sound is a blend of old and new technical deathcore, with even some death metal influence in the mix. “Nescience” is the first song off the band’s upcoming concept album, which will tackle topics like corruption within society on their next record. Get familiar with The Last King below!

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Hear 12 deathcore guest vocalists on Lost Conduit’s new album “Astral” (review)

A list of the features on “Astral”

Collaboration across bands is both normal and welcome in the scene. But basing an entire album off of vocal features is a whole different beast. Lost Conduit has accomplished just that, featuring TWELVE vocalists across the genre of deathcore for their debut album Astral. This is going to make for a unique listen, almost a contest of who can hit the lowest gutturals and the highest squeals. Let’s take a listen to Astral:

Self-described as “Spacey / Djent / death metal vibes,” the synthy breakdown reveals this to be true in the title track opener. Riff-heavy, well-layered, and brutal, it’s like a beautiful mix of Born of Osiris and Rings of Saturn. Despite the insane amount of guest vocalists, Lost Conduit’s main vocalist, Justin Haskin (of Desolist), flexes a wide range of highs and lows, benefitted by production techniques to bring out his devastating delivery.

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Progressive deathcore band Immortalis release teaser for upcoming single, “Leviathan”

Wisconsin progressive deathcore band Immortalis have shared a teaser for their new music video and song, Leviathan, which is set to release October 26th. This will be the first release from the band since their debut EP Symmetry which was released in 2017. Since their first release, the band has toured the midwest and played alongside huge names such as Mushroomhead, Within The Ruins, Fit For An Autopsy, Oceano, and Beartooth. 

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