Dayseeker details upcoming new album “Sleeptalk”, releases new video for title track – watch

Extremely promising post-hardcore band Dayseeker have returned with Sleeptalk, their upcoming 4th full-length album for Spinefarm Records. The band has also released a video for the title track, which shows Dayseeker taking their style of melodic post-hardcore into an exciting new direction. Give it a listen below.

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Watch Dayseeker’s Rory Rodriguez cover SZA’s “The Weekend”

There aren’t too many more talented vocalists than Dayseeker’s Rory Rodriguez. Though the band (and his voice) flew under the radar for a good while, the release of 2017’s DIS // WIR really boosted the band into a much larger audience. It’s deserved, too. This is a metalcore band that works hard on the road, and has amassed a loyal fanbase along the way.

When not on the road, Rory can often be found performing acoustically, and/or working on covers as well. Just watch his recent cover of SZA’s massive hit “The Weekend”, performed acoustically, below. Needless to say, you should probably plan on experiencing Dayseeker at Warped this summer.

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It looks like Oceans Ate Alaska are about to make a major announcement…

Coming off a successful album release (Hikari, which just dropped a few weeks ago), Fearless Records proggy metalcore band Oceans Ate Alaska have proved themselves as one of the fastest rising bands in the music scene. Landing multiple Billboard chart placements in the US is no small thing for a band from England. And it appears the band may be coming back stateside very soon, if recent teasing is any indication.

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Dayseeker premiere shocking new single, “Vultures”

Upon listening to “Vultures”, the disarmingly melodic single from Dayseeker, the feeling I get is that of emotional desperation. The kind of despair that also brings out the best in musicians. And make no mistake, Dayseeker have been through their share of trial and error, but the sky is looking to break on Dreaming Is Sinking // Waking Is Rising, the band’s 3rd full-length (and first for Spinefarm Records). Buoyed by a recent tour supporting Silent Planet as well as an upcoming one supporting The Color Morale (dates below), “Vultures” is only the first volley of fire that is likely to lead Dayseeker to their best work yet. Whether you consider them post-hardcore, metalcore, alt-metal, or something else entirely, it’s clear that the band is a breath of fresh air to a music scene that often fails to truly progress.

Vocalist Rory Rodriguez is proving himself as one of the scene’s best kept secrets, possessing a versatile voice that’s capable of shrapnel razors one minute, to a passionate and pure singing voice that’s getting better with every record. Make no mistake. 2017 is the year that the legion of new fans Dayseeker are going to see realize what longtime Dayseeker fans have known all along – their future is right now.

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