Against all odds, vocalist Dallas Taylor (ex-Underoath, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster) overcomes adversity

In the span of a lifetime, one often experiences a select few moments that are truly life-changing. The birth of a child, the death of a loved one or close friend, a marriage, and many other events are ingrained in our brains when they do happen, and though the passage of time may dull these memories somewhat, they shape us and even change our outlooks and viewpoints on life itself.

A traumatic event, however, is usually much different. In the case of vocalist Dalls Taylor (the original vocalist of Underoath, and frontman of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster), a year has passed since an ATV accident changed him physically and mentally. We’ll save you the details, but broken bones and fractures are enough to break someone’s spirit. Learning how to do normal every day activities like walking is unimaginable, but Dallas is a testament to the true will of the human spirit to recover from just about anything. The video below, posted by Chris Mendoza (a personal trainer and specialist at Zone Health & Fitness), is guaranteed to give you the chills. The journey to recovery may be long and difficult, but the process is nothing but 100% inspirational.

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