Blueshift begin funding for their excellent debut LP on vinyl

Blueshift, 2020

Djent/progressive metal band Blueshift have announced that they’re funding a vinyl release for their first album,¬†Voyager. I had the pleasure of reviewing this record early, and it’s my #1 djent album of 2020 so far. The band does a stellar job of creating an atmosphere and sounds up there with the likes of ERRA and Volumes.

This crowdfunding campaign comes as the band is unsigned and self-funded. They’ve garnered a following thanks to landing videos on Dreambound and having a breakthrough sound, but creating vinyl is far from cheap.

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You can FINALLY listen to Corelia’s crowdfunded album after it got funded 5 years ago

You’ve seen it before – a crowdfunding effort concludes successfully, and the receiving party makes off with the money without providing their supporters with anything. Of Machines had something similar happen, and we were scared I Am Abomination were heading down that path before releasing their magnificent¬†Passion of the Heist II. Thankfully, with Corelia, there’s a happy ending, as this long-awaited LP from the band’s 2011 acclaimed effort¬†Nostalgia finally sees the light of day.

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Interview: Cory Lockwood (ex-A Lot Like Birds) announces new crowdfunded book

Photo by Marco Mazzoni

After a nearly decade-long career which saw them amass a devoted following in the progressive post-hardcore scene, A Lot Like Birds officially called it quits earlier this year. Since the band played their final show last month at Sacramento’s First Fest, there has been rampant speculation about what creative endeavors each of the band members would turn their sights to next. And perhaps the most attention of all has been paid to the future of the band’s primary vocalist and lyricist, Cory Lockwood.

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