Counterparts nail down biggest first-week sales of their career with “Nothing Left To Love”

It’s been a long time coming for Canadian melodic hardcore band Counterparts. 6 full-length albums into their career and a plethora of member changes later, they’ve long outlasted most of their peers and bucked shoehorned-in trends that would sink many other bands. In short, Counterparts have continued to build upon their signature sound by not necessarily straying from the path, but instead honing their songwriting skills into their newest album, Nothing Left To Love. A tour-de-force of everything Counterparts have written to date, and especially reminiscent of their 2010 album Prophets, the band has now reached a number of huge milestones in their career now that the first-week sales have been tallied.

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The Pure Noise Tour hits Tampa, bringing some of the best hardcore has to offer (Photo Gallery)

The Pure Noise Records Tour brought some of the best bands hardcore has to offer right now, from young rising bands like Sanction and Year Of The Knife, to veterans Stick To Your Guns and Counterparts.


Stick To Your Guns / Counterparts / Terror / Sanction / Year Of The Knife

The Orpheum

Tampa, FL

Cortney Lesovoy

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Interview: Starve To Survive discuss upcoming EP ‘Have Me To Waste’, Counterparts & ‘A Quiet Place’

Newcastle based heavy newcomers Starve To Survive are going to be big in the next coming years, after releasing their debut EP in 2016 titled ‘Life//Loss’ and with their highly anticipated upcoming EP titled ‘Have Me To Waste’, which is fucking phenomenal (read our review here), these lads are going to blow up. Luckily, they took time out of their busy schedules to answer some questions for us… Continue reading

Notes From Underground, Volume 1 – 23 Bands That Are Revitalizing the Underground

While there’s sadly a plethora of formerly interesting bands now attempting to appeal to the lowest common denominator via lazy songwriting and lack of inspiration, there’s plenty of exciting acts that are rising from their local scenes to tour with known quantities. Some, like Knocked Loose, seemingly did so overnight – while others, like Code Orange, took more of a slow burning route to get nominated for Grammy awards.

No matter which way you slice it, if you’re a fan of hardcore, metalcore, grindcore, or really any heavy music subgenre, there’s plenty of exciting acts coming around. On this first edition of Notes From Underground, we’re bringing you the best the underground has to offer. Strap yourselves in and discover something new today.

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