Online Interview with Cody White of C.R.E.A.M Apparel

Cream Apparel is catching speed through their infamous clothing brand among multiple artists and local bands around the music scene. They’re making solid tracks across Florida as they attend events and pop-up their selective choice of clothing. I had the chance to speak with their founder and creator, Cody White, to discuss their unique movement and dedication to the brand.

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Interview: Cody Sizemore from Hour 24

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One of my most anticipated releases is coming from the Michigan/Ohio, high-energy rock band, Hour 24. With their most recent EP release, “One Step At A Time”, and their single “Take Me Away”, they’ve solidified their place at the top, among many rock bands. Boasting a fantastic vocal range from the energetic Rachel Mayer, emotional and powerful guitar solos and riffs from Dan Quigley and Cody Sizemore, an unheard and but highly anticipated new bassist Chris Salazar, and a talented and high-energy drummer, Mike Neumann, Hour 24 has all the key ingredients that make them one band you’ll definitely hear great things from in the near future. I caught up with Cody Sizemore and asked him a few questions about the band, their new untitled release, and his opinion on a number of subjects from online promoting, to modern-day legends. Before you check it out below, follow this link to hear Hour 24’s latest single off their new album “Take Me Away”.

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