Down Again: Chimaira expand and evolve on 2003’s “The Impossibility Of Reason”

It’s awfully telling that the Ozzfest 2003 lineup was filled with both nu-metal and metalcore bands. In actuality, the lineup signaled a major sea change in metal and hard rock. Most of the former bands splintered apart due to low album sales despite being signed to major labels, and if anything, the rush was on to sign bands like Shadows Fall and Chimaira that played that summer.

For Chimaira in particular, their sophomore album The Impossibility Of Reason was released at a near-perfect time in their career. Containing traces of the nu-metal influences that spurred their uneven (but still solid) debut album in 2001, The Impossibility Of Reason was a sophomore record that certainly didn’t slump. In fact, these riffs still have the ability to bludgeon you – and get stuck in your head with the occasional melody as well.

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Chimaira’s Mark Hunter confirms reunion show in December 2017 – “It’s On”

Over the course of 7 full-length albums and 15+ years of destruction, Chimaira’s part in the NWOAHM was a great one, to be sure. Especially on their self-titled album and its follow-up, Resurrection, the band evolved from an aggressive nu-metal tinged band to one that was a powerful force of metalcore, death metal, and other metal subgenres. However, the band was eventually laid to rest a few years back.

There’s news, though. Vocalist Mark Hunter has announced that Chimaira is planning a reunion show in Cleveland, Ohio at the end of the year – December 30th, to be exact. You can read all the details below. Whether this is just one show or the (re)start of something more, we’re not sure – but this is exciting nonetheless. This is also the last incarnation of the band’s original, classic lineup, according to The PRP.

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Interview: Emil Werstler of Chimaira.


I recently had the chance to talk with Chimaira, one of the bands that got me into modern metal. Chimaira are a metalcore band from Cleveland, Ohio, and I was able to talk with their guitarist Emil Werstler about their new album and some of his most memorable concert experience. Be sure to check out their new album “Crown Of Phantoms”, available now.

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