Will Linkin Park release new material? Bassist Dave Farrell addresses the future

With the tragic passing of vocalist Chester Bennington just over a year ago, and Mike Shinoda’s successful Post Traumatic album cycle kicking off earlier this year, one wonders what the future of Linkin Park will hold. After all, losing any member of a band so tragically is very difficult to overcome.

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Mike Shinoda discusses Chester Bennington’s enduring legacy at a show: “He was like literally one of the best ever”

With the one-year anniversary of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington recently passing, it’s a reminder that the world lost a beloved musical icon. Chester won’t soon be forgotten, though. His one of a kind voice left an impact on anyone who would listen, and Mike Shinoda is carrying on his memory in the best of ways – by never forgetting his friend when he plays a solo show.

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One More Light: Linkin Park posts powerful tribute to Chester Bennington: “We miss you more than words can express”

Over the course of 20 years, 7 full-lengths, and countless sold-out tours, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington impacted countless lives with the sheer power of his voice – providing the soundtrack to millions of people. One year ago, a legend left us – but his spirit still resonates with fans all around the world, as it can be argued no band has the kind of passionate fanbase that Linkin Park has – and will continue to have – for years to come. Case in point, look at all the fan-led memorials that are commemorating Chester’s enduring spirit.

The remaining members of Linkin Park took a moment to remember their fallen brother in a powerful post on social media today. The lesson to take away is that while Chester may not be with us physically anymore, his spirit certainly will be. And isn’t it the art you leave behind that matters the most?

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Watch Oliver Sykes join Linkin Park on stage to perform emotional tribute to Chester Bennington, “Crawling”

For many growing up, the voice of Chester Bennington was embedded in eardrums worldwide, providing a sort of face to fears and emotions. Regardless of how you feel about Linkin Park, they have no doubt impacted and infiltrated many facets of popular music. And though Chester is no longer with us in the physical sense, his presence is still felt all over.

While there were many beautiful tributes at the Celebration Of Life Friday night, one of the more notable ones was Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes joining the band on stage to perform the emotionally-charged “Crawling”. View the video below, and we’ll be bringing you more tributes all throughout the weekend. It goes without saying that there is much more to come, regardless of what the future holds.

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