Tour Announcement : Butcher Babies / Nonpoint / Cane Hill / Sumo Cyco

SUMO CYCO‘s potent fusion of hard rock guitar riffs with in your face blast beats, dance hall rhythms, and punk rock attitude have garnered them unwavering attention and hordes of fans since their formation in 2011. The band will perform their unique sonic blend on the road this spring with headliners Butcher Babies and Nonpoint on the “Kings & Queens” tour, also featuring support from Cane Hill.

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Cane Hill premieres new song, “Too Far Gone”

Fresh off the success of their debut full-length Smile, Louisiana metal band Cane Hill are certainly on the right track to success. They’re also in the middle of touring heavily with bands like Devildriver and Superjoint Ritual. And with the hype train building up another head of steam for the band, they’ve released a brand new track, “Too Far Gone”. The track, released October 8th on The BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with Daniel P Carter, is Cane Hill’s first batch of new material since the aforementioned album release. You can check it out below – perhaps we’ll see a cool music video to go along with it?

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Cane Hill’s sophomore album is reportedly “done”

3 years can change your life. You can go through a life changing relationship and have a child, end up in a completely different career, and even almost finish college. For Cane Hill, though, 3 years, an EP, and a debut full-length have put them at the forefront of a revitalized nu-metal scene – though the band has much higher aspirations than that tag would indicate.

The band’s follow-up to 2016’s Smile (which is a year old this month) has surely been a long awaited one. But it looks like Cane Hill fans won’t have to wait long, as the band’s new album is presumably done, according to their FB account. Having been recording this summer as well as playing new songs on recent tours, it’s clear Cane Hill is not resting on their laurels. And why would they? On album two, they have the ability to avoid the sophomore slump and really push the envelope. That sounds exciting to us.

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Strange Candy: The rise of New Orleans’ Cane Hill

Though it grew on me eventually, Cane Hill’s self-titled debut EP in 2015 was a difficult one to swallow. It’s a pretty solid EP, but less than 2 years ago, the whole “nu-metalcore” thing was pretty in, with some bands doing it well (Issues, My Ticket Home, Sylar) and others who took a more deriative form of the genre (Gift Giver). It took the band’s debut full-length for Rise Records, Smile, for the band to really resonate with me – and having listened to a couple tracks off the album and seeing them at Warped 2016 really cemented Cane Hill as a band that I quickly became addicted to – their live performance is a particular strong point.

While Cane Hill is now into recording their 2nd LP, Smile is still an important listen in the grand scheme of things. It’s the band’s ballsier forays into experimenting and introspection that really stand out. “French 75” from the band’s debut EP was fantastic, but tracks like the emotive and vulnerable “St. Veronica” (which is described in great detail below) and album closer “Strange Candy” (which is a slow burning song that’s also a dead ringer for Alice In Chains) show that Cane Hill are far more than a band that decided to hop on the nu-metal revival train – they have an original sound. And while that sound is reminiscent of bands like Korn/Slipknot/Coal Chamber, they have a serious weapon in vocalist Elijah Witt. The future is coming soon for Cane Hill – but which way will they go? If they prove to be as versatile as they are on Smile, it’s going to happen soon. I mean, they are touring with Hellyeah and Kyng this summer, so perhaps the band will keep gaining some serious traction.

If you’re not already listening to Cane Hill, you should probably do so. Though most listeners are apt to notice the nu-metal influences in the band, vocalist Elijah Witt remind me most of all, of the late Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley. As arguably the most important metal vocalist of the early to mid 90’s, this is a massive compliment.

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