Bullet For My Valentine working on “very heavy” new album

Bullet For My Valentine have, by many accounts, had an uneven yet interesting career. Debuting with The Poison in 2005, the Welsh metalcore band found that a tough effort to top, given its overall success. Of course, that doesn’t mean the rest of the band’s discography is worth overlooking – sophomore album Scream Aim Fire had some huge moments – but for many BFMV fans, it’s still far and away their best effort.

Anyway, the point here is that the band’s 7th full-length effort, which has actually been worked on for a little while now, is highly anticipated by fans. Given that the band has once previously followed up an extremely disappointing album (Temper Temper) with a “return to roots” followup (2015’s Venom), they can probably do it again after 2018’s disappointing (though not irredeemable) Gravity.

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Watch Bullet For My Valentine perform “Tears Don’t Fall” LIVE at Rock am Ring 2018

With the impending release of their 6th full-length Gravity coming very soon, acclaimed veteran metal band Bullet For My Valentine are back on the festival circuit, playing just about anywhere you can think of. Germany’s Rock am Ring is going on this weekend, and being one of the largest music festivals in the world, you can be sure that the band was there to play through much of their discography. Luckily for us, we have a new live video of Bullet For My Valentine playing three tracks, including their signature song “Tears Don’t Fall”. Check out the video below, in glorious HD.

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Bullet For My Valentine premieres “experimental” new song, “Letting You Go”

Rock/metalcore veterans Bullet For My Valentine have released “Letting You Go”, the 2nd single from their upcoming full-length, Gravity. BFMV guitarist/vocalist Matt Tuck did promise this record would be experimental, and while the new track doesn’t actually scream that at first listen, the new song does embody a pop ethos of sorts, especially in the chorus – which is quite good. It’s quite likely this will be a “different” record for the band, which would be a welcome change for those who might feel Bullet For My Valentine has gotten stagnant their last few records. “Letting You Go” seems destined to be a live staple and a possible fan favorite, too.

Talking about the song, vocalist and guitarist Matt Tuck explains, “‘Letting You Go’ was a very challenging song to write in so many ways. It’s by far the most experimental track I’ve ever written musically and lyrically. I really wanted to make a track that stood out from the crowd and separated us from any other band in our genre, and that’s exactly what ‘Letting You Go’ does.”

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