This Day In Music History: October 4th, 2010 – Bring Me The Horizon explores new horizons on “There Is A Hell…”

Before Bring Me The Horizon released the landmark Sempiternal in 2013, the Sheffield band were already on the pathway to superstardom. While many of their peers at the time eventually fizzled out, it was on 2010’s There Is A Hell… that really showed where the band had been – and where they were heading musically.

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Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish discusses the impact that Deftones and Green Day had on his life

Without too many exceptions, the biggest and most successful bands + musicians are also the ones who appeal to the widest variety of audiences, instead of a narrow subsect of fans. It really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that Bring Me The Horizon’s success is predicated on this as well, considering their audience and fanbase goes all the way back from deathcore-loving scene kids to fans of modern, electronically-tinged pop-rock of today.

In a new feature for Kerrang!, Fish recently discussed 10 songs that had a huge impact on his life, from the likes of pop-punk heroes Green Day, to legendary soul singers like Luther Vandross, to (not surprisingly) heaping helpings of nu-metal.

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Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish says the band aren’t “accepted by the metal community”

Bring Me The Horizon have more or less completed their crossover to the pop world, as it were. Their newest album amo, which features collaborations with Grimes and more EDM // pop influence than the band ever previously showed before (although to be fair, it was hinted at), and the band is so prominent now, they curate their own diverse festival lineups (All Points East had Architects, Run The Jewels, and Lotus Eater – just to name a few).

However, this popularity comes at a cost with the audience that may feel alienated by their stylistic change – specifically the band’s metal past. Not that Sempiternal, which is 6 years old, is any less relevant (considering newer rock and metalcore bands are still drawing influence from it), but those days may seem far off for older fans of the band. While there will certainly be the band’s older music to hold on to for that fanbase, it’s not like the band has completely alienated their past – still playing plenty of shows and festivals with bands that are much heavier than their current incarnation. In fact, setlists for the band recently still have plenty of older material.

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