Bring Me The Horizon team up with Mick Gordon (Doom) on new single, “Parasite Eve”

Bring Me The Horizon is one of the prime examples of how musical evolution can benefit a band. The band recently released their long-awaited heavy new single “Parasite Eve,” following the direction of their 2019 song “Ludens”. During quarantine the band have released several Youtube videos showing behind-the-scenes footage of the creative process leading up to the the release of “Parasite Eve,” with more music to be released under the project name ‘Post Human’ as told in an interview with NME. BMTH also worked with producer Mick Gordon (DOOM, Wolfenstein) on the new single.

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Bring Me The Horizon to release new music in June

Bring Me The Horizon have been hard at work on new material recently. While the band did just release an EP in December and a standalone single in ‘Ludens” within the last year as well, BMTH have also been teasing a new song rumored to be called “Parasite Eve” – referencing the 1998 RPG/survival horror game of the same name.

Now, vocalist Oliver Sykes has all but confirmed the new song will indeed be titled “Parasite Eve”, and there’s also a release date for the new single that’s been pinned down as well. Get excited.

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Bring Me The Horizon fan combines 12 songs across their entire discography for one epic medley – listen

Bring Me The Horizon are one of those bands that quite easily divide fans in opinion, even across different eras. Is 2013’s Sempiternal their best album? Could it be the fun metalcore romp that was Suicide Season? Either way, Bring Me The Horizon are a force in current music, and it’s not a surprise that many would try their own hand at remixing and splicing together their songs.

Enter Lucas McCaffrey, whose moniker Invisible Labyrinth Productions put together 12 prominent Bring Me The Horizon songs across their entire discography to create a distinct remix. And incredibly, it works! All aspects of the band’s discography are apparent in the remix, which clocks in at over 5 minutes, but it’s the interpolating of tracks like “Can You Feel My Heart” with the band’s heavier metalcore elements that make this sound really, really cool. Give it a spin below and let us know what you think.

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