Bring Me The Horizon fan combines 12 songs across their entire discography for one epic medley – listen

Bring Me The Horizon are one of those bands that quite easily divide fans in opinion, even across different eras. Is 2013’s Sempiternal their best album? Could it be the fun metalcore romp that was Suicide Season? Either way, Bring Me The Horizon are a force in current music, and it’s not a surprise that many would try their own hand at remixing and splicing together their songs.

Enter Lucas McCaffrey, whose moniker Invisible Labyrinth Productions put together 12 prominent Bring Me The Horizon songs across their entire discography to create a distinct remix. And incredibly, it works! All aspects of the band’s discography are apparent in the remix, which clocks in at over 5 minutes, but it’s the interpolating of tracks like “Can You Feel My Heart” with the band’s heavier metalcore elements that make this sound really, really cool. Give it a spin below and let us know what you think.

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Bring Me The Horizon releases surprise new EP, “Music to Listen to…”, featuring Halsey, Lotus Eater, + more

After teasing it via social media just a little while ago, it’s official – Bring Me The Horizon have released a brand new EP to close out a huge 2019. The new EP, entitled Music to Listen to…, notably features collaborations from the likes of pop megastar Halsey and rising young metalcore band Lotus Eater, and others as well.

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Bring Me The Horizon expands their sonic palette with new single, “Ludens” – listen

Having just released their new album amo at the beginning of 2019, Bring Me The Horizon’s new era has seen the band enter uncharted waters with credits on a video game soundtrack. Unsurprisingly, it arrives on Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding soundtrack – who’s also responsible for groundbreaking games like Metal Gear Solid. Astute fans of both Kojima and Bring Me The Horizon have likely noticed that the band’s huge 2013 single “Shadow Moses” reflects the love BMTH have for the games Kojima has created over the years, and fittingly, their new single “Ludens” explores the sonic evolution the band has touted recently.

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