Watch rising Florida metalcore stars Wage War perform a stripped-down version of “Johnny Cash”

Florida metalcore band Wage War are living proof that your band can go from a local draw to headlining your own tours, in the span of just a few years. All you need is a fresh sound and a work ethic to match, and considering how much the band has both in spades, it’s clear that this is a band who will be playing much bigger venues, very soon. It’s rather impressive.

Their most recent album, 2017’s Deadweight, established the band as a force in the crowded metalcore field. And though the album was again well-received, fans of the band often wonder whether or not Wage War will try anything that really stretches them out of their comfort zone. Well, that answer comes in the form of a newly-released stripped-down version of “Johnny Cash”. A track from their album Deadweight, the song is honestly kinda stunning to think that a metalcore band could pull something like this off. Or maybe not – the band has always had a genuine honesty about their lyrics that many bands simply do not.

Needless to say, this works very well.

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Indestructible: Ocala’s Wage War is taking over the metalcore scene, one riff at a time

The music scene is plagued with an oversaturated horde of metalcore and post-hardcore bands. How hard is it to rise to the top of the heap? Extremely. But don’t tell that to Ocala, Florida-based metalcore newcomers Wage War. They’re fairly new to the scene for most, but 2015’s Blueprints was a solid effort that showcased the band’s no frills blend of modern metalcore and even a little melodic death metal for good measure. Pair the album with a massive run on Warped 2016 and a number of supporting and opening tours, and you’re left with the next great band from Ocala. Remember when A Day To Remember received the keys to the city recently? Wage War is poised to experience that kind of popularity.

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Watch: Wage War Slays Warped Tour Orlando


As someone who’s seen Underoath, Anberlin, Yellowcard, A Day To Remember, and dozens of other bands from my home state of Florida, I can’t imagine that there’s any better feeling than playing in your hometown, or at least your home state. Your fans might show up specifically to catch your set, and the energy in the air is just…different.

Ocala, Florida’s metalcore upstarts Wage War are definitely one of those bands. Ocala may be a fairly small town, but it’s only a couple hours away from Jacksonville, St Pete, and Orlando, the latter two of which have the Vans Warped Tour this year. The band, which is signed to Fearless Records, apparently put on a killer set in Orlando yesterday. Seriously, look at this crowd. It’s essentially the size of a main stage band. Check out the video below.

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