Black Crown Initiate wows on LP3, “Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape” (review)

A band I’ve seen mentioned in conversations of metal before but never got around to checking out was Black Crown Initiate. On the surface, I couldn’t surmise their exact genre/sound, but one preview of the new record and I could tell I’d be in for a great listen.

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Show Review: Metal Alliance Tour 2016 at The Orpheum

The Metal Alliance Tour is a fan favorite tour that comes around once a year with a bill that’s always packed with great acts. In recent years we’ve seen the bill to be a good mix of metal subgenres, a good chunk of black/blackened metal, a very thrash-oriented lineup and more. This year we seem to have a very death metal related lineup with modern death metal legends Dying Fetus headlining. Support came from The Acacia Strain, Jungle Rot, Black Crown Initiate, and Systemhouse33. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend the Tampa, Florida date of The Metal Alliance Tour 2016 at The Orpheum. How did 2016’s show hold up to the history of The Metal Alliance Tour?

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Interview: Black Crown Initiate


I recently caught up with guitarists Rik and Andy from progressive death metal band Black Crown Initiate right before their set outside the State Theatre. We talked about the band’s new full length album, Indie Gogo campaign, favorite concert experiences and more. Black Crown Initiate released their debut full length album entitled, ‘A Wreckage Of Stars’, out now on Eone/Good Fight Records.

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