Puke Rock Or Die: My Ticket Home @ Backbooth



Nick Giumenti – Bass/Vocals

Earlier this month, we were able to snap some photos of My Ticket Home at Backbooth in Orlando, Florida. They’re essentially a band bringing back the nu-metal revival from the late 90’s, and of all the bands to attempt the style, they’re near the top. The band consists of┬áNick Giumenti (Bass/Vocals), Derek Blevins (Guitar/Vocals), Marshal Giumenti -(Drums/Vocals) and Matt Gallucci (Guitar/Vocals).

Check out the photo gallery below.

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Photo Gallery: My Ticket Home @Backbooth

Nick Giumenti (Bass/Vocals)

I had the honor of shooting for the guys in My Ticket Home last night at their show in Orlando, Florida. They played at Backbooth in downtown Orlando along with Overheat, Tragodia, and Be That As It May. The crowd was on fire for My Ticket Home as they played some of their new music for the first time. Most of the bands were locals; MTH is originally from Columbus, Ohio.

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