Band Of The Week: From The Embrace

From The Embrace is a 5 piece Progressive Melodic Death Metal outfit based out of Tampa, FL. I have been following this band since 2009, 2 years after they formed.  They are always moving forward with their sound and switching things up.


Despite all the member changes over the years, they just recently released their first full length “The Sun Betrays Us To The Night” with Total Deathcore. Continue reading

Band Of The Week: Jungbluth

When Tampa’s upcoming Southern Darkness Festival was announced, there was a long list of bands and I was unfamiliar with around 60-70% of the names. Naturally, I started going down the list and as I was checking out each band I noticed one with a particularly strange name which I am still not too sure how to pronounce: Jungbluth.

Jungbluth are a three-piece hardcore group from Münster, Germany with a very ferocious sound and a positive message which promotes both equality and individualism.
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Band Of The Week: Bongripper

bongripperSince you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you are not familiar with the feeling of being crushed to death by a steamroller. Although you can only imagine that there has to be something, within the cracking of your bones or the contorting of your limbs, that gives you a sense of wonder, or fulfillment. Just how can something be so heavy, and so devastating? This is probably the best way to describe the instrumental monster that is Chicago’s Bongripper.

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