Interview: Bad Seed Rising’s Louey Peraza discusses the band’s sudden success, touring w/He Is Legend

Baltimore, MD’s rockers Bad Seed Rising are part of a new breed of musicians that favor substance and maturity over anything else – though they still know how to have a good time. Being one of the youngest touring bands you’re likely to see anywhere, Bad Seed Rising have the poise and work ethic that people twice their age often lack, which is probably why the band’s success on their 2016 debut full-length Awake In Color isn’t surprising at all.

Of course, you have to have good music to pair with said work ethic, and Bad Seed Rising has it in spades. From the anthemic choruses of “Fighting Gravity” to the loud, aggressive punk energy of “Dexies”, the future is very bright indeed for the band. We talked to Bad Seed Rising’s bassist Louey Peraza about their tour with He Is Legend, experiencing success, and how to keep building a metaphorical empire in the music industry. Check it out below.

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Destined For Stardom: Bad Seed Rising


To be blunt, Maryland’s rock newcomers Bad Seed Rising were my favorite band at Warped Tour 2016. This is without hearing any of their music beforehand, and only knowing that their members were around half my age. And given that I’m personally into at least half the lineup that played this year (overall, it was really good), it takes a lot to stick out in a lineup that big. That being said, this band truly brings the energy live and on their debut record Awake In Color, combining elements of pop, rock, metal, and punk – all with a subtle electronic undertone, and mature lyrics that make you totally ignore their young age. Which you should – they are already running circles around their peers. Essentially, Bad Seed Rising is destined for stardom.

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