Review: Aversions Crown – “Hell Will Come For Us All”

Aversions Crown is a band that has made quite the notable impact in their respective music scene since their inception. Aversions Crown caught the attention of industry leaders in the metal scene known as Nuclear Blast with their self-tilted demo they recorded and released in 2009. Eventually everything fell into place for the Australian deathcore band and they signed to the label! Their debut album ‘Servitude’ released globally in 2011 with rerecorded versions of songs taken from their demo EP, and thus began the journey for Aversions Crown. Fast forward to 2020 with 3 albums under their belt and their newest album Hell Will Come For Us All coming out June 12th, that’s tomorrow! Aversions Crown has went through another vocalist change, however this time, a lot more than just the vocals changed. The lyrical theme, styling, image, and overall atmosphere has changed.

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Aversions Crown discuss meaning behind the album art for “Hell Will Come For Us All”

Australian metal destroyers AVERSIONS CROWN will release their fourth studio album, Hell Will Come For Us All next Friday, June 12th via Nuclear Blast. The band discuss working with Eliran Kantor on the album artwork. Aversions Crown released an album trailer that discuss the album art, story behind it, and what the album means to them.

Watch the full video:

Vocalist Tyler Miller comments “What we have done as a band is we’ve taken four songs from the album and we created a four part story that is all about that main figure on the artwork.”

The band recently released the second single from their upcoming album, Hell Will Come For Us All, Watch the music video for “Born In The Gutter” directed by Third Eye Visuals.

Vocalist Tyler Miller comments,‘Born In The Gutter’ is a heavy take on the great divide between the rich, the poor, and the ones felt uncared for. It ultimately represents the harsh reality that is the crude nature of the world and the people within it.”

Guitarist Mick Jeffrey states, “It’s one of the faster, more aggressive sounding songs on the album and we cannot wait to play it live.”

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Hell Will Come For Us All track listing:

1.  The Soil
2.  Born In The Gutter
3.  Paradigm
4.  Caught In The System
5.  Hell Will Come For Us All
6.  Scourge Of Violence
7.  Hymn Of Annihilation
8.  Sorrow Never Sleeps
9.  The Final Judgement

Hell Will Come For Us All was produced by the band while engineering was handled by Matt Shorter at Heliport Studios. The album was mixed and mastered by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio with additional mix engineering and vocal production by Steve Seid. Eliran Kantor was enlisted to help paint the story that would be echoed throughout the album. The particular sci-fi, melodic sound that erupts from Hell Will Come For Us All is of a high intensity, that still remains deeply captivating and listenable. The melodies, choruses, and atmospheric leads pull you in and quickly pummel you with crushing blast beats and maddening guitar work. AVERSIONS CROWN is setting the stage to conquer it’s busiest year yet.

Aversions Crown unveil new vocalist, release new song, “The Soil”

While we learned late last year that the band would be releasing a new album in 2020, it was unclear when exactly Australian extreme metal band Aversions Crown would be releasing new music. Now, however, we have a more definitive answer to that question – along with the revealing of the band’s new vocalist, too. Oh, and a new song, “The Soil”.

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Aversions Crown set to release new album in 2020 with a new vocalist

Australian extreme metal giants Aversions Crown have finally broken the ice with fans with their latest tour announcement. Aversions Crown announced they will be hitting the road with Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy, and Enterprise Earth in March of 2020. The band has remained fairly quiet ever since the release of their last single “The Breeding Process” in June of 2018, until the announcement of this tour. Along with a nice juicy tour the band has made it clear there is a new vocalist, and a new album on the way. The band’s last effort “Xenocide” was met with great reception from fans and critics alike. My prediction is we will see a new song before the band rolls out on tour. I could be wrong though, but hopefully not.

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