Attila announces “Rage Fest” tour with Suicide Silence, Volumes, and more

Having become an independent, label-free band now, Attila has announced their next tour – a summer run that also involves Suicide Silence, Volumes, Spite, and newcomers Cross Your Fingers. Check out the full set of tour dates below, and stay tuned for new music as well. The tour is the first major US run since the band announced a couple months ago that their new album would be released independently. Certainly an interesting decision, but given the band’s lengthy experience in the music industry, it’s likely to put more money in their pockets.

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Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce addresses Attila’s “Callout 2”: “We write real songs that resonate”

Currently on the first leg of their co-headlining run with Black Veil Brides (and in support of their new self-titled record), Asking Alexandria are certainly gearing up for a big year. While the aforementioned album certainly threw long-time fans of the band for a loop with a more streamlined, pop-influenced rock sound, it actually contains some of the best and most consistent songs Asking Alexandria have ever written. Don’t believe us? Give the album another spin, it’s solid.

On the other hand, you have Attila. Known for a long time as a party band not to be taken very seriously, they are still very successful and are always in the public eye in one form or another. It’s with that being said that the band’s new song, “Callout 2”, attacks (or really just says “fuck” a lot, kinda like Limp Bizkit’s “Hot Dog”) everyone from Tom Brady to Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop. So it’s not a huge surprise that Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce took to Twitter to address the song. While not specifically addressing it by name, it’s fairly easy to tell what is being hinted at here. Of course, would it really surprise anyone if this was a prelude to a tour of some sort? Not likely, but who knows?

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It looks like Attila and I Prevail may be touring together this year

Thanks to our friends at Music Mayhem, we now know that there is a possible I Prevail and Attila tour coming soon…that is if the Twitter interactions between Fronzilla and Brian Burkheiser are real. While the two bands occupy vastly different sections of the music landscape, seeing this tour happen certainly wouldn’t be all that surprising. Do you think it’ll actually happen?

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