An entire recorded Attack Attack! album exists that’s never been released

When electronicore band Attack Attack! broke up in 2013, shortly after the release of the previous year’s This Means War, many fans were surely sad that their run had come to an end. While certainly not the first or the most pioneering band in their niche genre (Enter Shikari says hello), they were one of the most popular, despite multiple member changes in their (relatively) short run as a band. While it should be noted that the band spawned hilarious crabcore memes that still run rampant to this day, they played main stage at Warped Tour (not something many bands got to do in their career), and sold a bunch of records to boot. In short, they were successful and influential – considering the legion of bands that attempted to mimic their sound.

The band’s final release, This Means War, was closer to the first Beartooth record than anything else. Removing almost all the electronics from the equation and adding a double dose of metalcore, the end result was an album that the band ultimately would have been successful touring off of, if they had chosen to continue with that current lineup. It wasn’t to be, of course, but apparently there’s an entire AA! record that’s been recorded, but was never released.

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This Day In Music History: November 11th, 2008 – Attack Attack! releases debut album, “Someday Came Suddenly”

Upon its release in 2008, Someday Came Suddenly, the debut record from crabcore heroes Attack Attack!, made a big splash in the music scene. Besides having a hilarious and long-running meme to go with it, the record’s blend of post-hardcore and synthy-techno influenced more than a few bands. Though the band is no longer together anymore, and have moved on to bigger and better things, the record introduced Caleb Shomo and Austin Carlile to the world. It was also a success, as the band released 2 more records before calling it a day. Released the same day as La Dispute’s debut album, the band would go on to play Warped Tour several times, as their fanbase exploded almost overnight.

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Review: Beartooth – “Disgusting”

886444592703.600x600-75BAND: Beartooth




RATING: 6/10


Hot off of the hype that 2013’s EP Sick built up, Beartooth has released Disgusting, the debut full-length from Caleb Shomo’s solo project. Unfortunately, the hype behind the album fails to match the quality of the album. Disgusting sounds like a disorganized attempt at punk rock trying to sound clean.

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