Circa Survive vocalist Anthony Green stops a fight during “In Fear And Faith” – watch

Currently headlining yet another tour in support of 2017’s The Amulet, Circa Survive seemingly never seem to stop touring, recording, and making music. The band constantly engages both themselves and their energetic fanbase with exceptionally produced music that experiments, yet remains safely Circa Survive.

As their headlining tour comes to a close, the band played a show in St Pete, Florida on the 28th. And while the crowds were packed, there’s sometimes one bad apple to ruin the whole bunch. That happened during the band’s performance of “In Fear And Faith”, where Green paused the show, stating “Yo, you can’t hit people at my show like that”. The offender then presumably was kicked out of the show, where the band started the song over again.

Why anyone would even entertain the thought of being violent at a Circa Survive show, where only good vibes are invited, is beyond us. Cheers to Anthony for noticing it, though – the band unequivocally has one of the best fanbases in music.

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CHAIN FEST announced feat. Coheed & Cambria, Circa Survive & Underoath!

Southern California concert fans are going to be really ecstatic to hear that Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA & The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA have teamed up to put on an all day festival at The Observatory called CHAIN FEST. (Flyer Below)

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