Juliet Simms Battles Inner Demons in “100 Little Deaths”

Bluesy rock singer/songwriter Juliet Simms is battling her inner demons in her explosive new single, 100 Little Deaths.  The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

This song means a lot to me because it speaks to my experiences with my personal demons and the fight to overcome them. I wanted to create a video that was personal to me but could also resonate with others,” shares Simms.”I see the struggles that so many people battle with everyday and I wanted to share a piece of myself with them. Life is made up of failures and triumphs, convictions and doubt. The key is to find the ability and strength to turn off the destructive tendencies and grow stronger because of them.

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Black Veil Brides’ Andy Black discusses Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee’s impact on his life: “It’s impossible to quantify the impact he had”

Comic books and music often go hand in hand, especially in the alternative music scene. Musicians across the music scene are mourning the death of Stan Lee, who helped create imagination in all of us with Spider-Man and Marvel Comics. In an interesting and intriguing post entitled What Marvel’s Stan Lee Meant To Me, Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Black recently penned a story about what the highly influential comic book creator meant to him, both growing up, and the natural ties comics have to the greater counterculture. Having recently posted about Lee’s passing at the age of 95 on Twitter a few days ago, it’s no surprise that Andy Black was influenced by comics – so many of us certainly were.

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One song, two versions: Which version of “Let Him Burn” is better?

The first track from the upcoming Sumerian Films movie American Satan has been released. Titled “Let Him Burn”, it features Andy Black in the video, but with Palaye Royale vocalist Remington Leith actually singing. However, the song, originally written by Lee McKinney and Nick Rossi for their new project In Motive, was demoed by vocalist Jonathan Wolfe of Vespera (whose first single “Bloom” has already racked up impressive accolades, including a Billboard premiere, in just 3 months). It’s a radically different version of the song with a grittier, more dynamic vocal performance. And while the just released song is a decent listen in its own right, it’s hard not to say which one is the better song overall.

But we’ll leave that for you to decide. Which version is better? The new version, or Wolfe’s demo version that was recorded in an apartment? Listen to both songs below, and let us know your thoughts.

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Andy Black Releases Debut Album “The Shadow Side”


As you might know, Andy “Black” Biersack recently has been working on his solo album titled The Shadow Side. We first heard “We Don’t Have To Dance”, then “They Don’t Need To Understand”. Today, May 6th, Andy released his whole album for the world to hear. You can stream it below.

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