In The Spotlight: Florida ambient indie rock band Saeros premiere stunning single, “Still”

Sometimes all it takes is one song to blow you away and convince you that a brand new band will be the next big thing. That is certainly the case with Orlando, Florida ambient indie rock newcomers Saeros, whose debut single, “Still”, is a stunningly effective piece of art. Vocalist Makenzie Kamal, in the length of just one song, proves herself a gifted vocalist as the waves of ambient post-rock washes over the listener. The three-piece are clearly great at what they do – laying down streams of emotion and passion onto the listener – and while Saeros is hard to define musically, the bright new band reminds us a lot of newer From Indian Lakes, Emma Ruth Rundle (especially her solo material), and even Moving Mountains can likely be counted as influences.

In short, we need more Saeros. We think you’ll feel the same.

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Nicholas Gunn Releases Newest Dark Ambient Single & Video, “Reflection”

Ambient Instrumental Electronic Composer and Producer Nicholas Gunn has been releasing his stunning Dark Ambient series Under the Influence of Music over the past several months, and his newest and 4th Influence, “Reflection,” imbues the inspiring collection with an added dimension of consciousness. To complete the experience, he has also released a brilliant visualizer video that encapsulates the sonic aestheticism into a dreamlike rumination.

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15 Reasons U.S. Black Metal Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Black metal is a very unique subgenre of extreme metal that is set apart from others by many reasons. Whether it be the common use of lo-fi production, the infamous history, or exhilarating stage theatrics in a live setting, black metal is easily recognizable. One interesting characteristic of black metal is how there seems to be a distinct sound that comes from every country or even parts of certain countries. When black metal is brought up, the initial bands mentioned usually cater to none other than Norway and its infamous second wave scene during the 1990s. This includes bands such as Mayhem, Emperor, and many more. Usually Sweden is followed up after that with a wide spectrum consisting of everything from Bathory to Watain. Finland, Austria, Germany – the list just seems to go on and on. But wait – what about United States black metal? The U.S. has been often accused of not having a good black metal scene due to many bands experimenting with the black metal formula, not having records as good as European bands, etc. As a firm believer that the United States has a growing interest in black metal and is starting to give birth to many new and breathtaking artists, I want to present the argument that the U.S. scene needs to be paid attention to. Here are fifteen artists that support why black metal matters in the United States.

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