Acceptance – “Colliding by Design” Review

Acceptance is a band that has become nearly as defined by their mythology as they have by their actual recorded output. As the band was preparing to release its debut album Phantoms in 2005, they seemed to be on the verge of major stardom. The band consistently managed to toe the line between pop rock and more hard-edged pop punk in a compelling way, and the soaring vocals of frontman Jason Vena helped make Phantoms one of the most memorable releases from the ‘00s pop rock scene. However, label politics, a botched album rollout, and an early leak doomed the band’s commercial chances before they even got off the ground. Within a year, frustrated at treatment by their label and plagued by creative differences, Acceptance called it quits.

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Exclusive Premiere: Stream the new Seasons For Change video, “Sky”

Hong Kong is not often known as a hotbed of musical activity, but perhaps it should be, considering the recent success of alt-rock outfit Seasons For Change. There’s no fake attempts to fit in with any scene or any kind of predictable pattern – their November released EP Timeless Collective saw the band getting noticed by some huge outlets. This is alt-rock with pop sensibility, much in the vein of Too Close To Touch, or maybe even All Time Low if they rocked a little harder.

We’re excited to bring you the premiere of the band’s music video for “Sky”. And if you’re digging this (you should be), you’ll want to purchase the band’s EP as well. This band is going global.

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Track Review: Slaves Return With Best Jonny Craig Song Since 2011

Less than a year ago, Slaves seemed like a project that was already on its last legs. Formed in 2014 around the controversial yet indisputably talented singer Jonny Craig, the band was initially branded as a fresh start for Craig, in music and in life. However, the band’s first two studio albums, devoid of much of the technicality and memorable arrangements of his prior bands Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance, failed to leave a large impact. Beyond the music, Jonny Craig and the band quickly fell back into controversy and interpersonal drama, and after lead guitarist Alex Lyman became the latest member to depart, the band seemed to announce its breakup last April.

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