This Is All Yours Forever: The most unexpected collab of 2017 is happening today

It should come as no surprise that indie and alternative rock bands often come from metal and hardcore backgrounds – or at least are fans of said music. Earlier this year, members of Alt-J were seen sporting Killswitch Engage and Code Orange merch, and it seems that is going one step closer to the edge now with Alt-J and Code Orange teasing something. Said collaboration is apparently releasing tomorrow, but what could it be? View the video below to find out. Oh, and Code Orange just made the cover of Revolver – so maybe it has something to do with that.

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An Awesome Wave: Alt-J are apparently Code Orange and Killswitch Engage fans

Fresh of the recent release of their new album Relaxer, English indie rockers Alt-J are about to enter the commercial stratosphere. The band’s last album went straight to #1 on the charts, and Relaxer looks to be no different. What is totally cool and unexpected, however, is that 2 members of Alt-J appear to be fans of Killswitch Engage.

As evidenced by the bands video and appearance on Conan, 2 members of Alt-J appear to be wearing Code Orange and Killswitch Engage merch. Surely it’s not an unprecedented thing to have indie musicians who also love metal and hardcore (and vice versa), but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

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