Slipknot are quite literally pouring their blood into their upcoming record

With the surprise release of a new single “All Out Life” on Halloween of 2018, Slipknot revealed themselves to be deep in writing for their upcoming 6th full-length record. And while a release date for the unnamed album isn’t set in stone yet (likely this summer, though!), the band has claimed the new record will be “heavier than Iowa“. A tall order, to be sure, given how borderline extreme that record still is 18 years later.

Anyhow, it appears that Slipknot are quite literally bleeding (no word on if they’re waiting) during the recording of the new album. Drummer Jay Weinberg took to Instagram to post a recent photo of him in the studio, and needless to say, there’s a lot of blood. Of course, this isn’t a surprising occurrence for most drummers, but if you like seeing the kind of ferocity that you might end up hearing from their upcoming record, you’ll probably be as excited as we are. Hopefully. Maybe?

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Slipknot reveals in-studio footage of newest song, “All Out Life”

While most fans weren’t expecting long-awaited new music from Slipknot until sometime in 2019, fans got an early holiday present with the Halloween release of a new single, “All Out Life”. With the band’s upcoming album set to release sometime in the middle of 2019, it’ll certainly be a big year for one of the biggest metal bands on the planet.

To tide their fans over, Slipknot has now released in-studio footage of the band’s new single, “All Out Life”, which you can find below. Not that they really protect their real identities anymore, but if you’ve ever wanted to (sort of) see the band unmasked, now’s your chance.

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