Album Review: KING 810 – “Suicide King”

KING 810 – SUICIDE KING (8/10)

KING 810, a metal band from Flint, Michigan, have had a promising career so far, with their highly successful previous full length ‘La Petite Mort or a Conversation with God’. They are back to tell some more nostalgic and somewhat terrifying stories, with ‘Suicide King’. The new album is self-released, out via their own label, KING’s NATION.

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Album Review: Kadinja – Super 90′

  • Kadinja – Super 90′ (7.5/10)

Kadinja, hailing from Paris, France, are a Progressive Metal // Technical Progressive band with Djent elements mixed in for good measure! The band released their full-length album ‘Ascendancy’ in 2017 via Klonosphere / Season of Mist. The debut album went on to be praised by fans and the media as complex metal that is needed in the scene right now, and soon exposed the band to amazing touring opportunities, sharing stages with bands like Animals As Leaders, Devin Townsend Project, Klone, Adagio, The Algorithm and Betraying The Martyrs! Only a year after releasing their debut album, in Spring 2018 they jumped back into the studio where they were to record the already written second album ‘Super 90’’. They named the album ‘Super 90’’ because it’s from an era they miss a lot – the 90’s. Let’s see what these boys have got for us this time around! Spoiler alert: the results are pretty good.

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Album Review: Deaf Havana – “Rituals”

UK based alt-rockers Deaf Havana are back with their fifth studio album only 18 months after they released ‘All These Countless Nights’, and boy are they back with a bang! With two top ten albums under their belts since 2013, they have shown impressive growth, and have changed their sound, with every single album they have bought out which shows courage and strength as an artist.

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Zayn drops a thoroughly unexpected funk banger with “Sour Diesel”

Zayn Malik’s solo career since leaving the confines of One Direction has been a mixed bag, a display of massive potential mixed with some notable letdowns. The best tracks from his 2016 debut album Mind of Mine (mostly the ones produced by frequent collaborator Malay) adeptly drew inspiration from moody R&B stars like The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, while showcasing a phenomenal vocal ability and tinges of Zayn’s own Pakistani heritage. However, Zayn has occasionally let his aesthetic slip into generic pop-R&B background noise… while the Taylor Swift duet “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” was a massive hit, it perhaps best exemplified how Zayn could potentially have his uniqueness watered down by the major label pop machine, and slip into pop star anonymity.

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