Chain Wandering Deeply: Revisiting Envy’s 2003 post-hardcore masterpiece, “A Dead Sinking Story”

Japanese post-hardcore/screamo/post-rock band Envy occupies a unique place in the music scene. Not quite comfortable fitting in any of the aforementioned genre descriptors, yet containing elements of all of said genres, Envy’s music is both crushing and cathartic, flourishing the most when their post-rock and screamo influences coalesce into something truly emotional and cathartic.

Envy weren’t always this admired, though. It took the band a handful of EP’s and many years to find their sound, and while their 1998 full-length From Here To Eternity showed the band focusing more on expanding beyond shorter, more compact songs, it was on 2001’s All the Footprints… where the band’s popularity and critical attention really took off. This album and 2003’s masterstroke A Dead Sinking Story (and future albums, too) all seem very ahead of their time, and emotive to boot.

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