Josh James (Stick To Your Guns) is now a permanent member of 18 Visions

With the band’s new album True View being released in October as well as a string of record release shows the same month, Stick To Your Guns are certainly about to be very busy. And STYG Josh James? Well, he just got married over the weekend – and is going to be even busier now as well.

According to the band’s Instagram account, Josh is an official member of the band now. Since both bands are playing some upcoming shows on tour together, he’s pulling double duty, which is indeed awesome. You can stream “Oath”, from the new 18 Visions record, below.

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Chris Motionless on 18 Visions reuniting – “I may come out of mosh retirement”

Through their 10+ years as a band, Motionless In White have gone from opening for small tours in tiny venues, to headlining their own massive, sold-out tours rather quickly. On the back of 2010’s full-length Creatures, the hard-touring metalcore outfit are also gaining high billing on festivals, as well as even getting active rock radio play with their new album, Graveyard Shift. Regardless of how you feel about the band overall, there is no denying they’ve toiled hard for everything they are accomplishing now.

The band, who are currently touring with In This Moment, gave us some of their time after their recent set at Hellfest (France) to discuss Graveyard Shift, Marilyn Manson, the 18 Visions new album and reunion, and even collaborating with Jonathan Davis of Korn. You can check out the interview below.

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TNF Presents: The Best Albums Of 2017 (So Far)

There’s been so much in the way of good music so far in 2017 that this catch-all article is going to have to omit solid releases from Miss May I (Shadows Inside) and Sorority Noise, among others that didn’t quite make the cut. That doesn’t speak for the aforementioned bands as much as it does the absolute quality we’ve seen across the metal, rock, and even hip-hop spectrums.

We’re paring down our list of the best music of 2017 (so far) to 62 albums, including a couple EP’s that are really good. Note that we’re only including albums that will see a June 16th release or before, so anything after won’t be here. Sorry! Without further ado, here’s our (not ranked in any particular order, but the best is saved for the end) list of what 2017 has had to offer us.

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The Return Of 18 Visions (Full Live Set)

No need to get into the specifics since we’ve already been covering the reunion extensively, but in case you didn’t know, 18 Visions is BACK and totally revitalized. The band, who recently released XVIII (their first album in 11 years), recently performed a HYPE show at the Observatory. Needless to say, it went off like a fucking bomb – and if you don’t believe us, just watch all the moshing kids during “Tower Of Snakes”. This is insanity.

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