Summer Of Darkness: Warped setlists from Sworn In, Emmure, and more

Warped Tour season is upon us, and that means your social media feeds are likely filled with “wow this band KILLED it at Warped Tour this year” statuses, people who think they’ve earned cool points for not attending Warped Tour, and/or 50 of your friends who are also photographing the festival. If you haven’t seen all 3 of these, I’ll be shocked.

Anyhow, while it’s often disappointing that most bands only get to play between 6-9 songs every day, the fact is that it takes an incredible amount of effort for the dozens of bands to play every day and even travel, set up, take down, and do it all over again. Many fans want to know if band ________ is playing song ________, so here’s setlists from Sylar, Sworn In, Creeper, and many more. Thanks to Amped Sound for posting these – go like their FB page as well!

Interested parties can find the rest of the bands (Boston Manor, Creeper, and plenty more) as they’re updated, right here via Amped Sound.