Suicide Silence have finished recording a new album, due out in 2020

While the band certainly became a memeable punching bag after the release of their most recent self-titled debut album, it wasn’t all that long ago that Suicide Silence were at least competent songwriters. Their final album with vocalist Mitch Lucker, The Black Crown, showed a surprising amount of musical growth, and while its follow-up with new vocalist Eddie Hermida wasn’t necessarily amazing, there was hope that their self-titled album would move the needle more.

Of course, that wasn’t the case. Injecting a heavy dosage of nu-metal into their signature deathcore, it was easily their low point as a band – notably being critically savaged by just about every major music critic out there. While there were a few intriguing moments on the album, it was a largely unsuccessful album cycle for the veterans. However, there is some renewed hope with the news that 2020 will bring new music from the band.

With an upcoming album due out in 2020, the new SS record will be produced by heavyweight Josh Wilbur, and while there’s not much indication as to whether or not they’ll be changing things up again, one needs only look to the recent past to realize that it wasn’t too long ago they had all the momentum in the world. Fingers crossed.

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Produced by Steve Evetts Mixed by Josh Wilbur #SS2020

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