South Carolina pop-punk band Aim High new single feat. In Her Own Words’ Joey Fleming

Hailing from Columbia, South Carolina, alternative/punk band Aim High mixes the rawness of punk rock with the refreshing hooks of Top 40 Pop. Paying attention to both the harder and softer sides of alternative culture, the band nails this juxtaposition with their unique blend of conversational lyrics and in-your-face guitar riffs. Aim High’s lineup consists of Calebjustcaleb on vocals, Logan Pierce on drums, Steven Howard and Tristan Auman on guitar, as well as Morgan Johnson on bass. Each member is influenced by a variety of different genres and artists, which continue to drive the project’s fresh sound.

The band’s two debut EPs, Garnet Eyes and Severed Ties dropped in January 2020, and were mixed and mastered by the legendary Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War). Receiving recognition from both local and national outlets, the band has received a great deal of support for both collections. What’s So Special About Music writes, “The band’s tone feels and sounds very modern, but there is a certain gritty feel to it, which certainly allows listeners to experience the most human component of their creativity.” With an additional string of impressive support slots under their belt (Blessthefall, Homesafe, Palisades and more), Aim High has no plans of slowing down.

With an LP and many special collaborations on the way, the band is using their downtime to create more music. Even through the midst of a pandemic, Aim High is doing everything they can to continue connecting with new and old fans alike. Be on the lookout for more music and content soon.