Review: Soft Spheres – “Soft Spheres”

Soft Spheres cover art

Drone and Noise music play a contentious role in most music conversations. Why listen to it if it isn’t musical?  What’s the musical merit? Is it even music at all?

Regardless of where one stands on the topic, Drone and Noise acts have become necessary listening for those who wish to break the boundaries of even the most tenuous music conventions, and with their self-titled full length out on bandcamp (for free download), Soft Spheres continues this great, boundary-pushing tradition.

Consisting of two lengthy tracks, Soft Spheres is as hypnotic and layered as any good Drone album should be, with elongated moments that are both gritty and grating without being harsh.

This illustrates another bright spot of the album, its ability to use harsh, mechanical noises while still retaining an air of calm that is borderline tranquil. The balance struck here is impressive, to say the least, and it’s safe to say that, if one enjoys Noise or Drone music, or even some weirder psychedelic music, they will certainly enjoy this album.

Listen to and download the album for free here:

-Andrew Oliver