Sleeping With Sirens releases return to form new album, “How It Feels To Be Lost”

Upon the release of their album Gossip in 2017, Sleeping With Sirens were met with near-critical derision for their apparent lack of inspiration and quality, which sapped most of the energy from the album. While likely their least-effective album to date, there was always hope that the band would recapture the energy the band had on their first two records – the ones that brought them deserved scene attention. Luckily, on How It Feels To Be Lost, the band appears to be energized once again.

Officially due out now, Sleeping With Sirens’ new record is shockingly huge at times. While this certainly isn’t a metal record or anything in terms of relative “heaviness”, HIFTBL is a really solid album that does indeed recapture the inspiration of their previous material. Initial single “Leave It All Behind” seems poised for a spot on rock radio playlists with some of Kellin Quinn’s biggest hooks to date, and bonus points should be awarded to the snappy and tight production as well. The title track, “Agree To Disagree”, and “Another Nightmare” are other particularly solid album highlights.

While How It Feels To Be Lost may not break terribly new ground in the post-hardcore/alt-rock genre, it’s certainly nice to hear Sleeping With Sirens inspired and energetic again. Instead of doubling down on their disappointing newer material, SWS has pursued what did work in the past, paired it with modern production, and created something that should give them the hype their first two albums once had.In other words, it’s worth a listen even if you’re not much of a SWS fan