Alt-rock duo Silent Redemption returns with their take on Sia classic “Alive”

COVID-19 has admittedly put a damper on things; with rock n’ roll being amongst the most heavily impacted (ya know, besides literally everything else). While some groups have taken the last 6 months as an opportunity for some perhaps well deserved time off, rock duo Silent Redemption (comprised of singer & guitarist James Robinson and multi instrumentalist William Fish) has been keeping busy perfecting their brand of catchy alternative rock.

Their latest single, an acoustic version of Sia classic “Alive”, shows the group at their best – two skilled musicians driving one another forward exploring the spaces in between radio rock, pop and hard edged alternative music. Robinson’s soaring vocals do an admirable job of handling the vocal gymnastics of the Sia original; while retaining a grittiness and delivery that you’d expect from a true rocker. Think Mike Patton mixed with Josh Homme and a hint of Marshal Dutton (Hinder) – yeah, we like the thought a whole lot too. We’re also thrilled to see Fish step out from behind the drum kit and show his skills on a range of instruments (including a driving acoustic guitar accompaniment). Silent Redemption may be performing a cover, but their unique style and approach make it anything but unoriginal.

Enjoy the world premiere of “Alive” by Silent Redemption below – exclusively on The New Fury!

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