S’efforcer is prog metalcore bliss on new EP “Life)•(Less” (review)

We Are Triumphant is making somewhat of a comeback in 2020, with great stuff from Coletta, Osatia, and more from a newly-solidified roster. As such, I took interest in seeing what else was in store from them, and came across S’efforcer. Apart from having a unique band name, they’ve got a tight metalcore sound that is to die for these days. I’m looking forward to hearing more in their new EP, Life)•(Less. Though the band’s solid debut full-length (2017’s Survive​}​•​{​Discover) earned the band some early accolades, their upcoming EP capitalizes on their strengths to create something that fans of intelligent, heavy music should be paying attention to.

Beginning with “Leaving the Earth”, I’m equally impressed by the lyrical content and the spoken-word delivery as it juxtaposes with the heavy sections. The vocals come through loud an clear as the crushing riffs make the backbone strong, a great first impression for listeners of Life)•(Less.

Single “72 Hours” was my introduction to S’efforcer, and it was obvious from the start that this band has a mammoth metalcore mantra. I was captivated by lyric “Are we so disconnected from our empathy that our lessons are doomed to repeat?“, this band is as thought-provoking as ERRA or I Am Abomination in this regard.

“Glass” is the newest single off Life)•(Less, making the most of its 2-minute runtime with a gargantuan breakdown and several different tempos throughout the track. S’efforcer writes, “Glass” is dedicated to any child or adolescent trapped within the mental health system of the United States, as well as anybody struggling with traumas inflicted upon them by the very system that was supposed to aid them. May you all find recovery.”

“Captive” is a break from the action, serving as an interlude with a haunting miasma chock full of echoes into “Lost and Found”. Featuring vocalist Nicole Galbraith, the back-and-forth vocals in the verse makes this deliberate offering lead into its punishing heavy section succinctly.

Last up is “To Exist and Expire”, with the most complex riffs on the album existing here. The subtle tempo changes 2 minutes in shot some goosebumps up my spine, highlighting the risks S’efforcer employ to pay off. The vitriol is kicked into high gear in this one’s lyrics, with “You’re not a prophet writing scripture, motherfucker” standing out.

S’efforcer’s Life)•(Less might just have been the best 20 minutes of my day. There’s a lot of praise to give this young band, resembling the best of acts like Silent Planet and Like Moths to Flames. Add this band to your radar if you’re into this sound, and catch their album release show on Twitch this Friday at 6PM!

Rating: 8.5/10

A press copy of Life)•(Less was provided courtesy of We Are Triumphant.