Post-metalcore band Saving Vice drops dynamite new single, “Hollow Bastion”

New England post-metalcore band Saving Vice are no strangers to delivering poignant heavy lyrical pieces back dropped by a powerful instrumental presence. Call them creatures of habit, but it seems like they have outdone themselves yet again with “Hollow Bastion”. With an explosive heavy distorted guitar intro that really pulls you in, drums with plenty of punch, and screams that seem to dance around astoundingly controlled clean vocal work, it’s the perfect single to welcome back Saving Vice into the fray just before the start of the new year. But this song is more than just an exciting start to the upcoming year, it’s a track that delves into something much deeper that most will hold on to long after the track is finished. The track is another new one off the band’s upcoming debut full-length album, due out in early 2020.

“The song is all about nostalgia, the dread of mortality, and fear of not fulfilling your dreams or running out of time; these very distractions could be what’s allowing your life to pass you by, the ultimate message is you have to use the time you have wisely or it’ll slip through your fingers and you can never get it back. (Tyler Small, vocalist)

While the song delves into the inner psyche of dreams, fears, and the subject of time, the themes brilliantly tag-team one another when it comes to shifting from lighter to more obscure, darker territory.

“The song was inspired a lot by the video games, themes and movies I feel really attached to from my youth, and how some things just never feel like they did when you were a kid, it was an escape and you didn’t have another care in the world. Another reference in the song and video is my teeth falling out, which stems from a nightmare I used to have a lot that supposedly means you fear growing older. I think to some degree anyone can relate to the context of the song.” (Tyler)

Make sure to check out Saving Vice’s new and immersive track on Spotify and music video via the link below!

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