Rising progressive metalcore band Blueshift deliver impressive new song, “Cloak And Dagger”

Progressive metalcore – and metalcore in general – might well be considered a crowded genre of music. There’s plenty of talent to go around, however. Filled with a dizzying array of guitar riffs and impressive drum fills, Alabama progressive metalcore band Blueshift are likely to draw immediate comparisons to their fellow statesmen in Erra. That’s not a bad thing, of course, considering how catchy and ear-pleasing some of the bands in the genre can be. In Blueshift’s case, the band’s strong melodic foundation serves their new single, “Cloak And Dagger”, extremely well.

The band’s debut album, Voyager, drops mid-March. And needless to say, if this is the kind of fresh and melodic progressive metalcore we’re getting from their debut album, Blueshift might well be onto something special! Regardless, fans of the genre should be paying close attention here.