Review: Like Moths To Flames – “An Eye For An Eye”




RATING: 9/10



Like Moths To Flames are back with their new album “An Eye For An Eye” via Rise Records. The guys in Like Moths To Flames have definitely put in the hours on this new album and it shows. While their last album “When We Don’t Exist” gave us some high expectations and something to look forward to in the future, Like Moths To Flames definitely made our wait worthwhile. Not only did the band stay true to their sound, they actually progressed on this album sound wise and it definitely was a pleasant surprise for me.


Sit down and buckle up, because the guys in Like Moths To Flames don’t waste any time and come out hitting hard with track number one “You’ll Burn”. This was a really great way to start out the album in my opinion, it really sets the tone for the rest of the album. “You’ll Burn” is a touch of the band we heard back on “When We Don’t Exist,” it has Chris’s harsh vocals and raspy singing voice along with some intense breakdowns here and there. I can honestly say I really love how well the actual song was put together. Like breakdowns? Well, 1:35 and 2:53 are for you. You’ll thank me later.


Tracks two through six don‘t slow down a bit, they are all heavy hitters as well. If I had any criticism at all, it would be that I’d like to hear a tad more diversity on the album. Most of the songs have the same structure which can get a bit boring after a few listens through. I can’t complain much though because this album is a step up for Like Moths To Flames.


“A Feast For Crows” is one of my personal favorites on the album. The reason why this is one of my favorites is because of the guitar work on this song. It stands out so much and has a nice fluent sound and touch to it that it’ll have you blocking out everything else just so you can listen to it. Another highlight of the song is the sick breakdown at 2:48 which screams “forgive but never f**king forget!” It’s screamed with such emotion that you’ll be playing it through your head most of the day. “The Blackout” is another one of my favorites on the album. While it does have its heavy moments the chorus is actually one of my favorite parts of this song as well as the lyrics.


As we get to track number 7 “In Dreams,” we get to hear a really nice refreshing song from Like Moths To Flames with no screaming vocals. To me this is a really nice touch and tactic to the album, it’s a nice break from the six songs before. I’d actually like to hear more of this in the future from Like Moths To Flames. Just think of it as a small relaxing intermission before you dive back in head strong.


“Serpent Herders” is by far the heaviest song on the album. I do have a complaint about this track though, it’s way to short! Actually, that’s a compliment. Even though the track is roughly around 2:30 it’s a really enjoyable song that will definitely get the crowd going at any concert they play.


The album ends with “My Own Personal Hell” which isn’t my favorite on the album but hey, it does stick with the theme of the album and sound. “There is nothing worth saving, marked for death” is a breakdown section where Like Moths To Flames leaves us off at on the album.


I’m extremely happy about this album and don’t feel let down at all. There’s no reason a true Like Moths To Flames fan should be disappointed with this album. They definitely have proved themselves as a band still on the rise and bring it on An Eye For An Eye.


– Alex G.